Thursday, 19 November 2009

The negative-height barrier of helping out

This evening, #kde-edu on IRC was host to a meeting between various KDE-Edu developers and interested parties, concerning the state of KDE-Edu, and future directions. Whilst annma was unable to make it, Nightrose did a great job chairing the evening, and the meeting was very productive.

The reason I write about it is not due to KDE-Edu per sé (though watch for other people's posts on the topic), but rather about how people can help out in KDE for anyone thinking of doing so. Simply put, under the right conditions, the barrier for helping out has negative height, i.e. helping out is so easy that it's almost easier than not doing. At the meeting (bearing in mind I'm not an edu developer) I was planning mainly to watch, maybe contribute any observations I'd made, and so on. But, when it turned out I'd been doodling a list that people would like, I found myself taking minutes. Similarly, fregl realised he'd just volunteered to mentor people doing junior jobs in KDE-Edu, and so on and so forth.

So, I'd encourage anyone lurking who'd like to help out in KDE, in any way - development, documentation, promotion, feedback, testing, etc. etc. - to have a chat to people already doing something along those lines. Heck, bring a friend, too. And, who knows, you might find the right job for you has landed in your lap.